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Rose & Reese | December 12, 2017

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Top 10 Essie Nail Polishes + Swatches

Top 10 Essie Nail Polishes + Swatches
  • On January 12, 2013

Don’t know which Essie Polishes to get? Too many to choose from? Let me help you out with these swatches ;)Essie Nail polishes is a brand loved by many! A bit on the expensive side but worth it. The formula lasts and some can be tricky to use but once mastered, it’s a breeze! The price for 1 bottle is $7.50 only here  <- click. It is more expensive in stores for $8.99. Here you will see my top color picks of all time in 1 , 2 and 3 coats. You don’t always have to wear them as thick, 1 coat is sometimes just enough. Whatever your preference is, perfect it and rock it. I know I only said 10 but I added an extra color :p  In random order, let’s start!


Essie Nail Polish - Ballet Slippers Has a very soft touch and reminds me of clear pink gel with a hint of cream in it! So delicate and lovely.


Essie Nail Polish - Chinchilly

A milky gray , its neutral and a very sophisticated colour!


Essie Nail Polish - Haute as Hello

A great summer pastel neon coral color. It’s a unique one for sure.


Essie Nail Polish - Mint Candy Apple

One of Essie’s most popular due to its rarity in color! A light Tiffany blue that is to die for. The color somewhat changes completely in different types of lighting – but beautiful and unique nonetheless.


Essie Nail Polish - Fiji

The perfect opaque baby pink , like cotton candy! A must have.

Absolutely Shore

Essie Nail Polish - Absolutely Shore

A fresh, pale minty green. If you love pastels this ones for you!


Essie Nail Polish - Smokin' Hot

The color is a creme, slightly purplish toned cool dark grey. Reminds me of an eggplant in a good sophisticated way and perfect for fall/winter.


Essie Nail Polish - Playa Del Platinum

More on the natural side, it’s a little tan, with just a hint of warmth like clay .


Essie Nail Polish - Turquoise and Caicos

The truest turquoise polish ever! Not too blue or too green just in the middle. As it’s a jelly finish it does need three layers to be opaque – like many Essie polishes. You’ll get tons of compliments on this for sure.


Essie Nail Polish - Marshmallow

It’s a soft white jelly eggshell color and suits best for whole nail application giving a very “mod” look. For french tips I would go with something more bright and opaque.


Essie Nail Polish - Van D'Go

Your perfect peachy pink that’s flattering on many skintones! It’s opaque, satiny and creamy.

All these swatches have no top coat and each layer is applied very thinly. All purchased at my local beauty store but you can get it cheaper online HERE . How would you rate this for my all time very first blog? :) Leave me a comment below!

Love always,
Rose Russo

Written by rose

A Fashion, Makeup ,Hair and Beauty Addict with over 50 Million Video Views on 80+ videos , worldwide.


  1. Turquoise&caicos is in my collection – beautiful colour :]

  2. sian

    I cant wait to try ballet slippers, i hope it covers well as i have awfull nails at the moment im afraid of bold colours as i have very short nails.

  3. Megan Joy

    I’m wondering where you got the swatch wheel you use. I need one as well and I’m at a loss as to where to find one :)

    • Anonymous

      You can find them on eBay :) I bought a pack of 10 wheels for a couple dollars


    Nice descriptions and colours, maybe something slightly bolder? And the web link you have at the bottom is NOT a bargain… I have done my research and you can easily get them for half that price or less than £2 if you do your research properly!

  5. norma

    nice love all ur video u give me good idea thanks so much.

  6. Pretty selection! Essie is my favorite brand for nail polish right now.
    Out of these, my top three are Chinchilly, Smokin’ Hot and Van d’ Go.


  7. Lyn

    Ah, can i say you are super cute and hot! Great blog page… You explained well say. Got me thinking about purchasing essie. It is over the expensive side, that’s why i buy only Revlon’s nailpolish. It is so what similar i would say. >_< btw i noticed you and Reese has the same hair color. That's so cute! *kudos to you both.

  8. Rose Ezz

    Id say tons of thumbs up! I hardly wear nail polish so i dont know much about it. Im just trying to figure out what its all about with topcoat etc. Now i know more and you explained it in such a fun and easy way …that i want to go paint my nails right away :D ty xoxo

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