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Rose & Reese | December 12, 2017

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Chanel Fabric Espadrilles

Chanel Fabric Espadrilles
  • On February 4, 2013

Let me tell you a story about these lovelies. I was just on Pinterest pinning away! And then I saw these Chanel Fabric Espadrilles and my eyes just started to widen and twinkle! Of course, it wasn’t by impulse. I waited a few weeks and see if it lingered. And it did. So, I went on to their website and checked which stores carried them in Toronto. None my size and none the colour I wanted. I was a bit disappointed. I tried to call Vancouver locations since I frequent the city, and again none. I called the Chanel customer service and asked them which store carried it. The boutique in Boston was the only one that’s close by that carried both my size and colour. I asked around whoever is in Boston. And luckily, one of my friend is studying in Harvard and he comes back to Toronto almost every weekend. I contacted him and asked him if he could bring me back these lovelies! And now I’m happy! ^_^.

They do fit tight, but they don’t carry half sizes. I’m a size 7/37, so I’m going to have to stretch them out a little :). Yay! I got summer shoes!

Chanel Fabric Espadrilles | Rose & Reese Chanel Fabric Espadrilles | Rose & Reese Chanel Fabric Espadrilles | Rose & Reese Chanel Fabric Espadrilles | Rose & Reese Chanel Fabric Espadrilles | Rose & Reese

Oh! and I even called Rose to ask her if she wanted to come to Boston just so I can get these pair of shoes! haha. But my friend saved me the trip!

Written by reese

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  1. Amalie

    So beautiful! May I ask, how much did they cost?

    • REY Fabienne

      So nice!!!how much did they cost?

  2. yt

    Hi!I was looking for these espadrilles on the web and i found your blog!:) can you please tell how much they cost? Nice pictures!

  3. Susana

    Im in love. Im a 5 1/2, but i know they don’t make half size what size can you tell me it would work for me i dont have chubby feet. Its more like skiny. Thank you!

  4. Hi, I’ve been wanting to get them! Could you tell me what the name of the color is? And just wondering, I’m actually a 7, but sometimes 6 1/2, but I wear a size 8 in Tory Burch flats so it doesn’t hurt, what size would you recommend for me? Thank you!!

  5. Dotun

    Hey, I can’t seem to find the price for these anywhere! How much did they cost??

  6. stacey

    hi i was wondering if they were extremely tight around the toes! im usually a 6 so i got a 36 but theyre super tight right now! im debating whether or not i should get a 37 but when i tried those on, they were a littleeee loose. how does the 37 feel on you???

    • Hi Stacey, the Chanel espadrilles were a little tight for me but I managed to stretch it out a bit. I normally buy size 7 shoes and I got size 37 since they don’t have half sizes. Since I can sometimes fit in 6.5 it fit me but a little tight. I stretched it out by putting one of those shoe stretchers, but be careful not to rip the fabric. I would go to a shoe repair place and just ask them if they can stretch it out a bit :)

  7. Emily Hui

    These are adorable!! =)

    • Aren’t they? I love them! Although I haven’t worn them outside yet because its still winter where I am!

  8. Photos are so cute ! :)

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