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Rose & Reese | December 12, 2017

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Before And After | 40’s | Beauty Series 1

Before And After | 40’s | Beauty Series 1
  • On January 29, 2013

An amazing before and after transformation. Can you believe she is in her early 40’s with 3 kids!!! Therese and I had a lot of fun making over my aunt ( Pat Russo )  . I did a smokey cat eye ( her favorite ) and added a touch of sparkle to complete the glam disco look . This was the first time I ever did her makeup and I was a bit nervous, but so happy she loved the results, as much as everyone else did!  She also wanted me to test some of her new products and I was pretty amazed at how well they looked on her skin type . She honestly looks 15 years younger! All makeup except for lashes and extra sparkles are from her fairly new company called Roseberries , they use natural and botanical ingredients and their main focus right now is skin care. Take this as a sneak peek of their makeup line coming up ;)

Before and After Makeup

Makeup Application rose russo and her aunt

Pat Russo The brushes were very dens and soft. Professional to the tee. The foundation covered up all her flaws very well and just looked so good on her skin! I still can’t believe how youthful looking she is !

Roseberries cosmetics

Roseberries Foundation

Roseberries Brushes I can’t wait for the launch of this blush! It gives a nice rosy finish.  IMG_8333 Roseberries makeup This is what I used to contour her face! An eye brow kit ;) contouring This is such an amazing product. It covers EVERYTHING and is available on the site for $25. I use this myself and love it! Roseberries color wheel

Therese took my aunts photos while I did the makeup and took shots of the products ( my  first time shooting products ) lol I had so much fun and can’t wait to do makeovers on others! Check out Roseberries Beauty Shop here.

Written by rose

A Fashion, Makeup ,Hair and Beauty Addict with over 50 Million Video Views on 80+ videos , worldwide.


  1. You should do a makeover video on your channel. Maybe your aunt again or a friend. Or pick a simple girl or another relative you know and make her sexy!

  2. giggles

    cute <3

  3. Michele

    Bravo! Will you come to Atlanta and make me over? I’m 37, mom of two, forever tired, and need a pick me up!

  4. Miss Leigh

    Your aunt DOES look 15 years younger, amazing! I like the picture in the chair! Really cute. :)

    • Thank you :) me too!! That one is my fav. shot!

  5. Andrea

    Very impressive Rose! You are an incredible makeup artist!

  6. Nicole

    WOW thats amazing! She looks like shes 27 in the bottom picture. I really want all this stuff to come out so I can buy it!

  7. Jenny

    My gosh..She looks like 20years old in her make up..Love it! I Love her look over all..

  8. Your aunt looks amazing! Well done! =)

  9. Ewelina

    She look like she was 25 years old. Awesome!

  10. Maria

    Wow!! That was a big transformation.. her make-up came out really nice!!

    • Thank you :) :) I tried my best! I’ve been really into makeovers lately :)

      • Maria

        I’m exactly like you, ever since I made a makeover on my friend for prom.. that’s when I started to do make-up on other people.. :)

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